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Yoanna Earth Mineral Makeup foundations are the greatest alternative to liquid and creme makeup. While other makeups are lled with ingredients that are unhealthy and can cause problems for the skin, Yoanna Mineral foundations are all natural, sheer and feel as though you have nothing on. When applied, they look like a powder, yet feel soft like a liquid on your skin.

Your skin will look so natural, no one will ever guess you are wearing makeup, yet the minerals give you great coverage. So light, the minerals minimize and soften ne lines and large pores that liquid and cremes tend to accentuate, and naturally protect your skin from the sun with an SPF of 15.

So here I bring you my Earth Mineral Makeup foundations in eight wonderful shades to complement every skin tone. Read about each shade as every color has a different undertone designed to make it easy for you to understand what mineral color is right for you. Also, using the Earth Mineral foundation that is for your specic undertone will enhance your skin to help achieve a natural, awless complexion.